Capital Shoes, Anyone?

September 14th, 2012 by Kelly 7 Comments

Is it just me, or are there wild, crazy, completely over-the-top (but somehow awesome) shoes everywhere? (Think Capital City from Hunger Games).  I was shopping around the sale section of Go Jane, and seriously every other pair of shoes, I was like – “Oh my gosh these would be perfect for an Effie Trinket Costume!

Tell me these heels wouldn’t be great with Effie’s debut outfit:

Effie Trinket ShoesEffie Trinket from Hunger Games

Tell me you see it!

Now check out the other “Effie” shoes I found all over the web (Go Jane, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21):

Effie Trinket Heels

Capital City Hunger Games Shoes

Effie Turquoise HeelsHunger Games Heels

Effie Heels

Is anyone being Effie Trinket for Halloween this year? If so, I would love love love to see your costume!

Zoe Washburne Halloween Costume

August 12th, 2012 by Kelly 5 Comments

If you don’t know this already, I am a HUGE fan of the short-lived TV show Firefly. I have seen the season like 14 times, along with the follow-up movie, Serenity. So naturally, I thought it would be great to do a Zoe Washburne costume!
Zoe Washburne 2012 Costume IdeaHopefully some other Firefly fan out there will want to be Zoe for Halloween this year!

First off, the basic outfit. Zoe’s look is surprisingly uncomplicated for how post-apocolyptically awesome it is. The vest, holster and gun are what pull together an otherwise every day sort of outfit.

The good news for you is that you probably already have most of these pieces, or can easily score them at your local department store!

Here are the inexpensive pieces I found across the internet (mostly Amazon). I apologize in advance if they are sold out by the time you read this article!

Costume Pieces for Zoe Washburne

  1. Green V-Neck Thermal – $8.90 at Amazon
  2. Dickie’s Pants – $17 at Amazon
  3. Black Boots – $32.70 at Go Jane
  4. Leather Vest – $40.30 at Go Jane
  5. Belt – $16.10 at Go Jane
  6. Holster (not pictured) – $22.44 at Amazon
  7. Old-fashioned Revolver – $23.55 at Amazon
  8. Suede Necklace – $66.24 at Amazon

Now I think that necklace, pictured above, from Amazon is pretty cute, but believe me, I would never spend $67 on a necklace.

Instead, you can make an even more authentic version using some crafting suede, like this $5 pack at Joann Fabrics (note there are multiple colors available). Just wind it around your neck 4 or 5 times, and then on the last round, wrap it a little bit looser, and make a large knot at the center of your collar bone. Here’s a picture of the real thing, for reference!

Zoe Washburne from Serenity

Halloween Costume Ideas – 2012 Edition

July 30th, 2012 by Kelly 1 Comment

I know it’s just a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but I can’t help myself. It’s fun to dress up as characters that are current in Pop Culture, so here are my Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012 (so far!):

Katniss Everdeen (Obviously!)

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games

You could do any of the District 12 fire-inspired looks, like the burning coal or the jeweled stage dress. An easier version could be the leather and suede get-up from the beginning of the movie (pictured above) or the black rain coat and orange backpack Katniss wore inside the Arena. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a bow, arrow, and Katniss’ signature wrap-around braid!

Haymitch and Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket and Haymitch from Hunger GamesI am toying with the idea of being Effie Trinket and making my boyfriend be Haymitch for Halloween this year.

Effie has a ton of awesome costumes in the movie, but personally I like her turquoise number the best.

Haymitch’s most notable feature is his long (slightly stringy) blonde hair. Add an old-fashioned suit and a flask, and you are good to go!

Cat Woman from Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

I can’t say that I’m a huge Anne Hathaway fan, but she was fantastic as Cat Woman. It’s a sleek costume, and who doesn’t love wearing all black?

Anne’s costume wasn’t ornate like Michelle Pfeiffer’s version, so you don’t need the fancy white stitching. I would just throw on some black leather or vinyl pants and a black top. Then focus your energy on the accessories like her cat mask, thigh-high stiletto boots, black gloves and gigantic black belt.

Extra cool thing about this costume? Adding the right wig would easily transform this costume into any of your favorite X-Men gals next Halloween.

The Avengers

Along the superhero theme is the entire cast of the Avengers! We’ve got Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and of course the Black Widow. And check that out – another use for your Cat Woman costume!

Avengers Black Widow Costume

Spiderman or Batman

Obviously Batman and Spiderman would be great costumes for any men out there reading my blog (Anyone?). Great women’s costumes too, as long as you’re willing to put up with people asking if you’re Batgirl or Spiderwoman or whatever.

Although I wasn’t crazy about the latest Spiderman flick, I did like the re-imagined Spiderman costume. Not as ornate as the one on Toby McGuire, but again, that makes it all the easier to replicate!Spiderman costumes

Other Ideas

Snow White (or the Huntsman)

Merida – the girl from Brave – so adorable!
The Lorax – if you want a nice warm costume
Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows
Merida, Lorax and Barnabas

Or if you want to be all edgy, you could pick a character from The Hobbit, which doesn’t come out until December 14th!
Hobbit Movie 2012

And yes, it’s very “last year”, but you could always go as a character from Harry Potter! I wanted to go as Bellatrix LeStrange last year, but opted for my more obvious Cheshire Cat costume at the last minute.

Harry Potter for Halloween

Share Your Own

Don’t be afraid to share your own ideas in the comments!

Make Your Own Hair Chopsticks!

January 9th, 2012 by Kelly 28 Comments

Hey guys! This is a tutorial on how to make your own hair chopsticks – a project I decided to do on a whim tonight, which actually turned out pretty well!
Make your own hair chopsticks

Whenever I put my hair in a simple twisted updo, I end up using a pen or pencil to hold it in place since my hair is too thick to be supported by just hair pins or clips. Unfortunately, sticking a pencil in my hair often ruins the look I’m going for:

Double Braid Headband

Today I was feeling crafty (and had sushi for dinner) so I decided to make my own hair chopsticks! Don’t worry – I didn’t eat with them!

Here’s how:


  1. A Pair of Chopsticks (I used grocery store ones, but would probably recommend slightly better ones, since the rough edges of my cheap pair snag a little).
  2. 10 to 30 Beads, depending on their size
  3. Matching embroidery thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. A Large Sewing Needle (big enough to be easy to work with, but small enough to fit through the holes in the beads).
  7. Tape

Supplies for making your own hair chopsticks


  1. Cut a piece of embroidery thread about three times as long as you want hanging from the edge of the chopstick. I think mine was about 10 inches, and the length I beaded was about 3″.
  2. Tie it onto the sewing needle. I had to wrap the end in tape to get it through the eye of the needle. Take the end of your string that isn’t attached to the needle, and create a large knot, larger than the hole in your beads.
  3. Add beads to the thread, like so:
  4. When you have the desired amount of beads, cut the needle from the end of the thread, and tie a few knots where the beads end. You should have several inches of string remaining.
  5. Grab some craft glue, and apply it to the last 1.5″ of the chop stick.
  6. Tie the beads to the chopstick with the excess thread, making sure to position the beads exactly how you want them to fall. There will not be enough thread to full wrap the end of the chopstick, but you want to use that thread to position the beads right.
  7. Now grab the spool/skein and properly wrap a fresh piece of thread around the last 1.5″ of the chopstick. I wrapped the end in when I started, so I would only have to worry about gluing down the final edge.  Use as much thread as you need to get a nice, even wrap, and be sure that the bead thread is secure and hidden.
  8. Use a modest amount of craft glue to secure the end of the thread.

That’s it! Inexpensive and adorable! I think I spent $4 on the beads and 39 cents on the embroidery thread, but I only used like 1/100th of the beads and less than half of the thread. The chopsticks were free, and I had the rest of the supplies sitting around my house!

Here it is in action – and yes my hair is crazy frizzy.

DIY Chopstick