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New Green & Orange Hair!

November 14th, 2011 by Caitlin No Comments

Hey guys! Just doing a quick post about my new hair color (and matching makeup!). After months of long (boring!) brown hair, I finally decided to take the plunge and go back to my classic bright hues.

Check out this green and orange hair I got using Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard and Electric Lava:

Green and Orange Hair

For the makeup, I used my Prestige lip liner in Poppy (same one I used in my Mad Hatter tutorial) from the corner of my eyes to the center. I then used “I dream of greenie” by Wet’n'wild (the brightest shade) from the outside corner of my eye to the center. Finally I blended them together with a sparkly yellow from L.A. Girl called “pina colada“.

I dream of greenie LA Girl Shadow

2011 Christmas Wishlist – 9 Beauty Buys I’m Drooling Over

November 9th, 2011 by Kelly 7 Comments

2011 Beauty Wish List

Okay so I’ll admit it – I’m kind of a “budget shopper.” I daydream about brands like Makeup Forever and Urban Decay, but I usually settle for drugstore makeup.  Lately I’ve been watching a ton of makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I’ve got quite a little list going – makeup that my favorite beauty gurus have recommended, and I am dying to get my hands on!

Here they are – the 9 awesome beauty buys I’m drooling over (and where I heard about them):

9. 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection by Urban Decay ($55)

15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Everyone raves about Urban Decay’s eye shadows. I went into three different beauty shops around Halloween looking for the brightest purple eye shadow I could find. Without exception, whenever I asked an attendant for their brightest shadows, they pointed me to Urban Decay. I swear they all said the same thing, verbatim “Urban Decay’s shadows are SO pigmented!”. The 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection has, in my opinion, the prettiest assortment of colors. Can’t wait to get this!

8. Hope Oil-free Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 by Philosophy ($38)

Hope Daily Moisturizer

I am 25 years old, and I have never bought a face moisturizer. Whenever I watch a makeup video, and the vlogger starts with a moisturizer, I cringe. I know my irresponsibility is going to catch up with me – but it is so hard to justify spending 40 bucks on something you can’t even see!

I’ve done a lot of research on moisturizers, and this is the one I want.

Most people know Philosophy for their “Hope in a Jar”, but being vampire-ishly pale, I want a moisturizer with SPF. This moisturizer is at least semi-affordable (compared to many other moisturizers), has a high SPF rating, and all the reviews seem positive and enthusiastic. Oh and almost all of the reviews say that it’s not oily!

7. Burning Palette by Sugarpill ($34)

Sugarpill Burning Palette

Sugarpill is known for their fun, bright eye shadows. It seems like every time I see a stellar makeup tutorial, they are using a Sugarpill eye shadow – and I am dying to get on board! I love the fiery colors in this cute little palette. Unfortunately it’s currently sold out on Sugarpill’s website :*(

6. Smokey Lash by Makeup Forever ($22) and
5. Tapered Blending Brush #224 by MAC ($30)

Smokey Lash Mascara Mac Brush #224

I didn’t group Makeup Forever’s Smokey Lash with MAC’s blending brush just because the pictures fit nicely together. I put them together because these two products are quite possibly the most commonly used tools by all of my favorite bloggers. As a bonus, the mascara comes in several shades, including purple!

4. Lennart Drawer Unit by Ikea ($14.99)

Lennart Drawer Unit by Ikea

This is pretty self-explanatory. Not strictly a beauty product, but as my makeup collection grows, I am in some serious need of organization.This three-drawer unit is sleek, well-sized and likely easy-to-clean!

3. Custom 4-Color Palette by MAC ($56)

Dream MAC Palette

I don’t think I could call myself a makeup enthusiast without ever owning a MAC eye shadow. You can build your own 4-color palette on MAC’s website. I just went there and cooked up this little beauty, complete with Carbon, Chrome Yellow, Lucky Green and Orange. The most important color here is Carbon – I frequently see this shade used in classic smokey-eye tutorials.

2. Skin Prep Anti-Aging Primer by CoverFX ($45)

CoverFX Anti-aging Primer

This one was recommended by Kandee Johnson, which is enough of an endorsement for anyone! Kandee says this product can be applied over moisturizer, and works to minimize wrinkles by plumping out the skin. I haven’t ever used a makeup primer, so I’m excited to try this stuff!

1. Finding Mr. Bright by Benefit Cosmetics ($27.99)

Finding Mr. Bright

The first time I ever went into a cosmetics shop with more than $20 (shamefully recently) I was turned onto Benefit products. I asked one of the makeup attendants for help with my unfortunately dark, blotchy under-eye area, and she expertly pointed me in the direction of Boiing concealer by Benefit. I use Boiing every single day – even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, it is the one product I absolutely MUST wear.

When I bought the concealer I also received a free sample of Benefit’s Pore Professional and Posie Tint – which are both incredible products. Benefit is three-for-three with me, and with that kind of track record (along with their adorable website and campy-but-cute product videos) I am drooling over “Finding Mr. Bright” more than any other item on this list (and ironically, this is one of the cheapest !).