Boston Terrier Nail Polish!

October 21st, 2011 by Kelly 7 Comments

Hey everyone! I joined today, and it is awesome! It’s sort of like the Deviant Art of DIY makeup and hair – you can create your own profile and upload pictures and video examples/tutorials, follow other people, and comment on their submissions. It’s brilliant!

Anyway the first person to “follow” my account (Michelle!) had done her nails with little teddy bears on them – which inspired me to paint my own favorite animal onto my fingers. And so we have Boston Terrier Nail Polish!

Boston Terrier Nail Polish

I used super cheap nail polish. They had a 25% markdown on Wet n Wild nail polish at Meijer (which is only 93 cents to begin with) so I got 5 colors for like 4 bucks!

Anyway, here are the steps for painting your own boston terrier nails. For everything except the background color, I ditched the nail polish brush and used straight pins instead (the kind you need for sewing). I used the round back when I needed big circles or a more generous amount of polish, and the pointy end for the pupils and the mouth.

Remember to let your nails dry completely between each stage!

  1. Coat nails in background color (I used purple).
  2. Paint a white triangle from 1/3 of the way away from your cuticle down to the edge of your nail.
  3. Fill in around the white with black, as pictured above. You want the points of the ears to be close to your cuticle, and far enough apart so that it doesn’t look like a cat.
  4. Use black to draw in the the nose and mouth on top of the white.
  5. Add white eyeballs.
  6. Use a pin to dot the pupils into the eyeballs with black polish.

Voila! You’ve got ten of the world’s cutest little pups on your fingers!

If you’re interested, you can check out my Beautylish account here!

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  1. Lou Bradley says:

    LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!! I am going to try ths tomorrow…Very Clever!!!!

  2. kuku says:

    I am lithuania

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  6. Christine says:

    Oh, how cute! Here on the nails are also pretty pictures b-nails I think I need to draw my pet on my nails. It’s a cat.

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