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Dreamy Eyes!

October 20th, 2011 by Kelly 1 Comment

Tested out some new products today! I used a brand new pack of eye brushes (my first ever real eye brush set!) and some new eye shadows:

Caitlin's Teal & Brown Makeup

Here’s a lineup of the new gear and a mini review of each:

New brush set:

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brushes

Brand: Real Techniques

Set includes: Crease brush, Base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and a brow brush. It’s a great little 5 piece eye brush set!

What I love about it:

  • Brushes are super soft and easy to clean
  • For someone like me thats never had a brush set, I love that they are all labeled
  • The case folds in half and acts as its own stand for easy access to the brushes
  • Paid $18 at Ulta

My only complaint about it is that the crease brush seems a bit large.


My Ulta brand make-up:

Caitlin's ULTA Makeup2 for $6 Eyeshadows

“Lustre” – A beautiful light beige with a lovely, subtle shimmer.

“Green Machine”- Really bright vibrant color when applied generously, but can also be worn for a more casual look!

2 for $8 liquid shadows

“Private Party”- Dark Brown “Private Party” Color is much darker than the container would imply but it has good blending capabilities. Very little goes a long way!

Color on Cheeks

“It’s complicated” – Pink Eyeshadow by Ulta (yes i used a liquid shadow on my cheeks). It has a really pretty shimmer effect that I’ve used on my eyes but also my cheeks. It’s kind of rosey-looking

Other Eye Products

Loreal “Telescopic Waterproof Liner in Black Love” – The brush its so thin and accurate. Color stays great. My only complaint is that the second it touches your eyelashes it hardens them making it a bit more difficult to get nice even spread lashes with mascara

Urban Decay “Eye Shadow Primer Potion”: Love Love Love it. Well, everything but the applicator brush, which I hate. I’d rather use my fingers.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some inexpensive additions to your makeup collection, these are all great, and they’re all under $20! And of course, enjoy the look!

Open Eyes Teal Makeup

Urban Decay Liquid Liner – Ecstasy Purple Makeup

October 16th, 2011 by Kelly No Comments

Hi guys! As you may know, I recently received a giant Urban Decay order in the mail – all sale items from Among other great finds, I bought two of their liquid liners: a vibrant purple called Ecstasy and a sapphire blue called Radium. They are AMAZING! Unlike other liquid eyeliners, these applicators have really long, flexible bristles, which make it very easy to apply a thin, subtle line. And the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

Check out the Ecstasy-inspired purple makeup I put on this morning:

Urban Decay Ecstasy Eyeliner

I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion (which again I cannot recommend highly enough!) and then used three different shades of a generic purple eyeshadow. I used the lightest shade of purple eyeshadow on my brow bone and along my bottom lashes. Then I finished by tracing my lash lines with Urban Decay’s liquid liner in Ecstasy.

As an extra purple touch, I held the liquid liner parallel to my face and then dragged it along my lashes, in lieu of black mascara. It worked just like a real mascara, and gave the look an extra little edge!

Urban Decay Ecstasy Eyeliner Purple Makeup Eye Closed

My only complaint for this liquid liner is the bottle. The liquid is waaay down in the bottle, and there’s no way to really get the extra eyeliner off the wand without just kind of wiping it on the inside neck of the bottle, where it has no chance of dripping back into the rest of the liquid. However, the color is so vibrant and pretty that the weird bottle neck is something I can definitely get over.
Urban Decay Liquid Liner

Once again, as I’m posting this (10/16/11) this shade and a couple others are available on Urban Decay’s website for only $9 (on sale from $18)!

Cheshire Cat Makeup: Practice Run!

October 15th, 2011 by Kelly 2 Comments

Update 10/25/11: New version of this look available here

So I am working on a submission to an awesome video contest being held by one of my favorite Youtubers, Audfaced. For the contest, I am doing my own take on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!

I ordered some professional costume makeup online, but I couldn’t wait for it to come in the mail, so I did a practice run tonight using only a tube of Halloween black, white, pink and purple, a yellow eyeshadow by NYX and a generic black eyeliner. Here’s the Cheshire Cat Makeup I came up with:

Practice Cheshire Cat Makeup

I wanted a super cartoon-y look, so I used the anime make-up technique of coloring in the eyelid so the costume looks best when the eyes are closed. Unfortunately this one looks pretty weird with my eyes open:

Half and Half Cheshire Makeup

Anyway, I’m so excited to try this look with professional makeup! I couldn’t wait to post, so you get to see my practice run. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a way better look, and maybe I’ll even do a video tutorial!

Superman Ice Cream Inspired Eye Makeup

October 14th, 2011 by Caitlin No Comments

I am a huge fan of the ULTA brand eyeshadows. While I love designer brands like Urban Decay and Smashbox, I find the ULTA eyeshadows to be nearly as good, for about a fifth of the price (and double the size)!

For this look, I used Striking (yellow) by HIP, Peacock Blue by Mary Kay, and Green Machine and Plum Noir by ULTA.

On the top lid, I worked yellow on the inside into blue on the outer corner (with green in between). Underneath, I continued the yellow around the inner corner of my eye, and then finished up by blending into a dark purple under my bottom lashes.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to create a fun, striking look on a budget. For all four eye shadows, I think I paid about $15!

Hope you enjoy the look! Now it’s time for some Superman Ice Cream!