Icy Frozen Makeup Tutorial!

October 23rd, 2011 by Caitlin 2 Comments

Video number two is done! I filmed this weeks ago and we only just got around to editing today. Anyway, here it is – a super easy and affordable DIY frozen makeup tutorial!

As always, the blog version is below the video. Enjoy!

For this look, I used a whole hodge podge of products from my makeup drawer. Basically all you need to worry about is having the following:

  1. Elmer’s Glue or Eyelash Adhesive
  2. White tube of generic Halloween face paint
  3. Various shades of blue/silver eyeshadow
  4. A foam sponge brush, preferably round, not triangular (but either would work)

Here is the frozen look that I created:

Caitlin's Icy Frozen Makeup Tutorial

(Sorry that picture’s a little fuzzy – it’s a still shot from the video tutorial).

To achieve this look, you’re going to start by building up a little glue around your face, close to your hairline. Add some into your eyebrows, tousling the hairs around so they kind of spike out.

Next, you should mix a little bit of blue into the white Halloween makeup, and dabble it around your hairline and jaw. Be sure to stipple it in toward your face.

Then take your sponge and dab white Halloween makeup all over your face. You want your face to look cold and drained of color, so you want to apply enough to get the warmth out of your skin but not so much that you get an opaque, clown-like layer. Make sure to coat your lips.

Next, dab a little of the white Halloween makeup into your lashes. You can kind of coat the lashes by putting a tiny dab of white makeup onto your thumb and forefinger and pinching together around your lashes. Try to get some tiny globs on the ends, so it looks like there is ice or snow in them.

Almost done! Take some various shades of blue and silver eye shadows and blot them on and around your lips, trying to blend the colors with the white that’s already there. Blend a very faint amount of blue around your nostrils as well.

As a finishing touch, you can take that same white Halloween face paint and add small globs around your hairline and on your eyebrows.

Also, I didn’t do it in this video, but you could add some baby powder or temporary white hair dye into your hair to make it look frozen as well.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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