Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

October 26th, 2011 by Caitlin 1 Comment

Looking to be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween? Here’s a fun tutorial based off Tim Burton’s rendition of the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

You will need:

  1. A dark pink eyeshadow. I used the pink shadow from Wet ‘n Wild’s Spoiled Brat Palette ($2.99 at Walgreens).
  2. A light purple eyeshadow and a generic black eyeliner (I can’t remember what I used, but they were definitely drugstore brand).
  3. White Halloween Makeup ($0.99 at Walmart, $2 at any Halloween Store).
  4. A bright orange eyeliner. I used Poppy by Prestige ($5.39 at Ulta).
  5. Red feathers  (a few dollars at the craft store).
  6. Eyelash Adhesive  ($3 at Halloween USA).

Spoiled Brat Palette Poppy Eyeliner

To get your DIY Mad Hatter Makeup, start by coating your face in a very thin layer of white Halloween makeup. Apply the purple eyeshadow on top of your lids and the pink eyeshadow under your lids. Fade/blend it at the edges. Take your white face paint and apply a little to your eyelashes with your fingertips. If you have white mascara, that would work well too.

Use the poppy eyeliner and some of the pink shadow together as lipstick. I recommend filling in your lips with the orange pencil and then blending some pink shadow on top. Take some more of the pink shadow, and apply it messily to your cheeks. Apply a bit of black eyeliner to your front tooth (if you dare!). Remember the Mad Hatter is totally creepy, so you don’t want your makeup to be flawless.

Mad Hatter Makeup

Finally, use some eyelash adhesive and fix one large, red feather to each eyebrow. As for the little hat, I made mine, but I’ve seen them for sale at Halloween USA, or there are some excellent DIY top hats on Etsy!


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